Leading Out Of Drama®

A signature program for developing

resilience to negative drama and

leading others with compassion


What if you could wrestle drama to the ground?

Drama diverts time, energy and money away from team goals,  strategic priorities, and critical activities. Easy to sense, harder to diagnose and prevent, drama is what happens when people struggle against themselves and each other, with or without awareness, to feel justified about their unhealthy behavior.

Scientific research tells us that drama is predictable, observable and reversible.

The Leading out of Drama program harnesses the power of drama to create. LOD teaches self-awareness about how people and teams participate in and contribute to drama. It offers options for making healthier choices and delivers strategies for inviting others out of drama and into compassionate interactions.

LOD helps leaders transform the interpersonal and group dynamics that sabotage morale, engagement, and productivity. Team members become more committed, creative and focused on making meaningful contributions.


The LOD platform delivers business-sharpening disciplines

  • Identify drama behaviors and how they impact strategic efforts
  • Increase self-awareness and personal responsibility for stopping drama
  • Enforce rules of engagement to ensure drama doesn’t sabotage forward movement
  • Engage in positive conflict around the most important issues
  • Facilitate innovation, goal-setting and rapid-cycle change
  •  Make decisions efficiently and with accountability


A compassionate alternative to drama

 Compassion comes from the Latin root meaning “to struggle or suffer with.” One can struggle with self, or with others.  Compassionate accountability means engaging in positive conflict with the purpose of encouraging

personal responsibility while preserving dignity. Compassionate interactions are, by definition, OK-OK.

The LOD compassion cycle offers an alternative to drama, and

provides a framework for moving through change into open dialogue, problem solving and compassionate accountability. These compassion skills and the formula of O-R-P have proven to be an extremely effective and easy-to-apply code for leading people out of drama.



Learn to lean into conflict and lead out of drama

 LOD works across every endeavor, in any application. Get more information about LOD courses for frontline employees, teams, and team leaders, lower and mid-level managers or general populations served by your organization. Drama is reversible!

 Contact Lauren and end the drama today!