Do you want increased production, lifted morale and unified focus? Find the Significance and you will have it!

To each organization, immediate and long-term needs are different; increased sales, lifted morale and unified focus are just a few that all companies struggle with at some point. The symptoms and realities of those issues, however, are as different in each organization as the employees that roam their respective halls.

The common thread that unites every organization, business interaction and growth strategy is the need for respectful communication. The most successful and dynamic businesses learn how to resolve conflict before it starts and create an atmosphere that fosters understanding and expression. Those skills do not typically come naturally, but effectively communicating on The Higher Ground is the one true way to achieve success.

Lauren Schieffer is the nation’s leading expert on respectful communication and is the driving force behind Higher Ground Communication.  Able to relate to – and motivate – everyone from the custodial staff to C-Level executives, Lauren has spent her career pinpointing not only how to understand differing communication styles but, perhaps more importantly,  how to resolve conflict from The Higher Ground.

Through keynote speaking engagements; best-selling books, CDs and DVDs; corporate training sessions and individualized workshops, Lauren combines humor, inspiration and razor-sharp insight to help create a fundamental base on which businesses, associations, organizations, and individuals flourish.

“Lauren kept me engaged as I eagerly took notes. Six months after her session, our customer service rating has increased by 15% overall, and as much as 25% in certain departments.”

Lisa Winkle

Assistant to the Associate Dean of Medicine, KU Medical Center

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In all walks of life, there are those who talk and those who do. While both matter, the manner in which we do each is crucial. What we say matters. How we interact matters. How we treat others matters. You will have realized significance when people who describe you are not talking about what you have achieved for yourself but rather what you have accomplished for the benefit of others.

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